Welcome to Savanna College

W e are delighted you are considering studying at Savanna College. You can be assured of excellent student support along this extra ordinary journey of self discovery and success on whichever course you choose. You will be joined by an exceptional staff so that your quest for knowledge, personal development, wisdom will be fulfilled in this intellectually stimulating environment.

Savanna college of computing and skills development is a model learning community that has embraced and integrated the power of information technology in all spheres of learning.


This has proved relevant in preparing our graduates for the real life experiences and empowering them to better the quality of life
for others. As you groom your life of meaning and purpose your stay at Savanna College will be enriched by establishing enduring friendships which assists and makes challenging course work easier.

“Savanna College is an equal opportunity community and we foster and celebrate diversity which makes every member fit in confortably.”

This website serves as a guide to the structural ethos and sense of purpose that unites us as a learning community inculcating ethical behaviour and instilling an efficient organizational framework we become a prolific, exemplary and dynamic society that upholds the values of individual dignity and self-worth of every individual. A sense of genuine care for the well being of all in the community.